Nous sommes colorés, et une autre façon de dire la chose. Une autre façon de voir la chose. Nous travaillons pour la démocratisation du journalisme, soit de 1% à 99% de pratique. Nous existons depuis juin 2002, mais dans les faits, depuis 1994 sous la forme de magazine imprimé sur support papier avec un long nom.
Peggy Hinaekian by Marit Fosse

Peggy Hinaekian by Marit Fosse My artistic career started very early in life. It started in Egypt where I was born and grew up. Having demonstrated above the norm abilities in drawing, my father encouraged me and bought me the necessary tools to go ahead in my endeavors. I became an avid doodler and drew on any paper I could find. Even in my text books. I took some art courses in my teens but they were very unsatisfactory….

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